Granada Sailing is a group of professionals aimed at training and enjoyment of leisure sailing. We are pleased by the success of our work, and we are dedicated to the groups of fans who are just, to enjoy the free time and his passion for the sea.Whoever wants to, can become pattern. Grenada Sailing collaborates with nautical schools and adapts seamlessly to the student or to each group, this qualified and will advise warmly about our offer.We are always pleased receive new propositions in which are interested in participating in the activities, arrange trips and that feel good contact with the sea.


Jorge Espineta
Esteban Poggi


Pregunta por nuestra oferta en el Levante e Islas Baleares


Sigue la Volvo Ocean y la Barcelona World Race 2017

Ferias y Congresos

Granada Sailing acude a las mejores ferias nauticas del panorama nacional e internacional como el Salon Nautico de Barcelona

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